gabs dad

Hi, My name is Dan Mance and I live in a sleepy seaside community known as Dalyellup located in southern Western Australia.

I’ve created this blog to keep a chronicle of the restoration/refurbishment of my “rusty yet trusty” 1966 VC Valiant Slant 6 sedan. I found the old girl on Gumtree in June 2013, a genuine one owner from new original that had sat idle for 28 years, firstly in a farm shed in the wheatbelt town of Northampton, and later in a suburban garage in Mandurah once the original owner sold the farm.

The story will probably be a journey as epic as anything Homer could envision, given I do not profess in any way to be a restoration expert and the car is in pretty poor shape both mechanically and bodywise. Added to the fact this is basically my first attempt I will no doubt fail many times, but at least you can witness first hand what it is like to tackle what seems like a daunting project for an absolute greenhorn.

I hope what I write at the least entertains, and at best maybe inspires the reader to get in over their head, and try to tackle a task that would normally be considered beyond their abilities. Be that restoring a very neglected car, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Have a go, the worst thing that can happen is you have to try again.

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dan
    Simon here with the VIP. Thanks for checking if everything is OK at my end
    Had a few issues that left the VIP on the back burner.
    I’m back at it again and finally got the motor running properly now.
    Have updated the blog so you can have a look.
    Not on the road just yet, but a few steps clower.

    • Great to hear mate. When everything went quiet i was a bit worried something had happened. I’m a bit stalled as well simply due to time, but i have rebuilt my 3 speed in my spare time and getting ready to pull the motor to give it a freshen up.. Looking forward to some more updates at your end

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