Chapter 16: Quantum Leap

Two updates in 2 months…crazy.


Off too the beauty shop

Big news this update with the Val having her date with the body shop and coming back (more or less) rust free. I gave the body man the brief to fix all the body rust that would hold up getting her regoed, then to blend in the repaired areas to match the original paint, then give her a light scrub back all over and give her a coat of clear. I would have loved to have extended to a full new paint job, but the budget on this build won’t all that for now. Paint is overrated anyway.

What resulted was a rust free body (except for some pinhead surface spots) that is now protected somewhat from any further degradation. So she shines, but still carries the odd little nick and scar worthy of her age. I think she looks great and has really retained her survivor look.

He did a great job to be honest, as though it is a relatively solid car, it had some problem spots in the lower doors, quarters, fenders and some small spots in the floors. The car certainly isn’t of show car quality, that would be a 20,000 dollar job, but she will look quite good from 5 metres away, which is really all I wanted.

Good from far, far from good

With that big headache/handbrake on progress out of the way, I am really fired up to get the engine back in. to that end in the last month or so I have buttoned up the sump and transmission (that I rebuild 2 years ago, dry assembled and chucked on the shelf). I’ve also ordered all the bits I need to get it driving again; new engine mounts, shocks front and rear, new clutch throwout and some other odds and ends. I’ve also painted up a bunch of engine accessories that came up really well. I’ve been giving the sandblaster at work an absolute workout.

I have decided at this stage to simply reuse the old single barrel manifold. I know it works, or at least it ran before I took everything apart. The carb I got with the 2 barrel manifold is off a Holden and has no place on a Valiant. Plus it would require stuffing around with linkages, a different air cleaner etc etc. Too hard, I’ll save up and get the proper carter 2 barrel in a couple of years when I am sure that the motor (that sat for 27 years) is going to hold up.

Next job after all the mechanicals are back in the car is a replacement carpet, and we are off to rego. Hate setting deadlines on things as I often fail to get there, but I’m pretty keen to have the motor in there within the month and driving by the spring.

Will update when I have the donk back in.


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