Good show for mopar fans, Graveyard Carz

As a bit of an aside, I’m loving a show called Graveyard Carz at the moment. Follows a bunch of guys who fastidiously restore classic mopars to exact factory specs. It’s great because they go into minute detail on how they do certain bits of the resto which is handy if you’re currently doing one yourself. They’re doing american versions of course rather than aussie vals, but they are essentially the same in many aspects, torsion bar suspension, same electrics etc

These guys do it right, down to getting the correct finish on each bolt and nut, and replacing under bonnet stickers a bit crooked because that’s how they were slapped on in the factory.

Their work speaks for itself


Has the usual fake melodrama associated with many american auto shows, but it almost seems like a parody in this show. It doesn’t detract from the good work they do. Worth looking up


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