Movement via internal combustion


New tank in place

Well despite me saying in the last installment that I was hopeful of getting the new tank installed within a week, it has taken a month. I did have a the small matter of my first son being born in that month, so I’ll cut myself some slack on that account. A bit of a holdup was my decision to give the tank a once over with rustproofing paint prior to install so I didn’t have to take it out again. Hopefully that sees the newy last another 50 years.


The new tank slotted in pretty easily after some contortions by myself

Installing the new tank took a bit of manoeuvring solo. I ended up jacking the car up, laying on my back and resting the tank on my knees as i did up the mounting straps. Resourceful! Once the tank was in all there was to do was gas her up with fresh juice, prime the carb, hook up the battery and turn the key.

Its been nearly 3 months since I last turned the motor over but it started within a couple of seconds. This old girl is a dream! The fuel pump seems ok as the fuel filter filled nicely and the motor idled nice and smoothly. I snicked the transmission into 1st, let out the clutch and the old girl eagerly drove out of the shed and into the spring sunshine. The clutch feels awesome and I doubt i’m going to even think of touching it.

The motor seriously sounds amazingly smooth and I haven’t even touched the timing or dizzy. Annas only comment was “It still sounds like a tractor”, although that is fair enough given the muffler currently has a hole the size of a fist in it.

Next job is to see about these brakes


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